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Fractional laser restores to the woman her beauty with no effort. It is a new hope for treatment of acne scars.
Fractional laser is a specific leap in cosmetics world for treating skin diseases.
Fractional laser is used for the treatment of the effects of acne and the scars resulting from accidents, injuries, and burns. It achieves very good results, but the result varies according to the severity of the case.
Fractional laser is used to reduce wrinkles and restore the youthfulness of skin. The treatment by laser is performed through several sessions that vary according to the case. Sessions range between 5- 6 therapeutic sessions for obtaining the required results.
It is better to use this innovative method (Fractional laser) for its effectiveness. At the same time it does not hinder the patient from practicing his/her daily activities.

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Ocean freight services

TMGL  provides regular shipping services of Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container load (LCL), and special equipment from and to all of the Egyptian ports. Our big volume of work and distinguished reputation developed with the shipping lines enables us to maintain booking and getting special rates.


TMGL provides inland trucking from and to all of Egyptian ports/airports.


TMGL can offer very competitive insurance rates and conditions. Secure your shipment .

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